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Compliance Plus

Backup Direct's Compliance Plus is the perfect solution for organisations required to meet data protection obligations within their industry.

Our range of data backup and business continuity solutions are ideal for organisations in the financial, educational, professional services, health and public sector. Compliance Plus helps you stay compliant, save money and achieve peace-of-mind.

The Regulation Pressure

As an organisation that handles sensitive data on a daily basis, you might be starting to feel the strain. Data is growing at exponential rates, it's more business critical and there is less time available to manage it. It's like being on a treadmill that is steadily getting faster and faster; it's a struggle just to keep up.

On top of this data management pressure is the need to meet industry requirements. After a spate of high-profile data loss incidents across the UK and Europe, regulatory bodies have started to clamp down on organisations deemed irresponsible when handling sensitive data. The result is a whole new level of scrutiny and pressure on internal IT departments.

Compliance Plus exists to take away that pressure.

Keeping You Compliant

Knowing that your data needs backing up regularly and archiving securely for future reference, Backup Direct has developed a solutions range ideal for all organisations facing the hassle of industry compliance.

Our online backup and business continuity services ensure you never need to worry about factors such as data growth, data loss or data exposure ever again. With an IT services range compliant with all major data security guidelines, Backup Direct can help you meet the following certifications:

  • Data Protection Act
  • ISO20000 / ISO27001
  • FSA Compliancy
  • PCI Compliancy
  • Sarbanes Oxley

With an automatic and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution in place, you can eliminate the inherent risks involved with backing up to tape and removable devices. The Backup Direct service takes care of everything for you with military-grade encryption technologies and UK-based data storage.

You can relax in the knowledge that all your obligations are being met and focus on more value-adding elements of your business.

Award-winning Service and Support

Backup Direct supports the Compliance Plus solutions range with our award-winning customer service team. Our UK-based, qualified staff monitor your data protection and recovery processes on a daily basis, providing 24/7 assistance to ensure your receive help whenever you need it.

We are already trusted by thousands of business customers across the UK to look after their most sensitive data and help them stay compliant.


  • ISO20000 and ISO27001 – IT Service Delivery and IT Security standards to contribute to the security of your data protection.
  • PCI Compliant – Military-level encryption technologies mean your backup system is PCI and Data Protection Act compliant.
  • Seven Year Retention – Long-term retention keeps copies of data available for recovery on demand and satisfies audit requirements in industries like financial and legal services.
  • Continuous Data Protection – Make backups every 15 minutes and never lose more than a few minutes’ worth of productivity.
  • Guaranteed Uptime and Recovery – SLAs on service availability and recovery time guarantee response and business continuity expectations.
  • Enterprise Class – Technology infrastructure from Autonomy, world-leader in online backup and storage and trusted by Google, Amazon, Cisco and many more to protect corporate data.
  • Web Management – Data backup and recovery functions are controlled remotely through an online web panel giving IT staff ultimate flexibility and control.
  • Automatic Backup – Set service backup rules upon installation and then receive daily backup reports. Let the backup take care of itself and start focusing on other areas of your business.
  • Disaster Recovery – optional DR service that provides working systems back within 30 minutes of failure to ensure that whatever happens, productivity goes unaffected.
  • 24/7 Intelligent Support – UK-based support from Backup Direct's award-winning Service Team, available day and night to provide peace-of-mind.