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BACKUP DIRECTConfiguring AVG for use with Connected 8


This tutorial will cover configuring your AVG 9 installation to allow the proper function of your Connected PC backup technology.

Firewalls or other elements of security software can sometimes block our technologies from accessing the internet. This is because they falsely mark the backup technology as being harmful or unknown.

It is therefore necessary to follow these instructions and allow our software to access the internet. Without taking these measures you may be unable to use the Backup Direct service.

  • Double click on the AVG icon to run the software
  • Click Tools
  • Click on Firewall settings
  • Click on Logs

Here you will be able to see a summary of internet traffic which has been allowed or blocked. Notice the multiple entries related to Backup Direct and a service called Connected Agent Service. Also notice they are listed as Block or Ask.

This service needs access to the internet in order for your backups and restores to function. We will therefore change the status from Block to Allow.

  • Right click on the entry relating to Connected.
  • Check that Apply for all is selected in the box near the bottom of the window.
  • Click Create.
  • Click OK to acknowledge the success confirmation.
  • Click Apply.
  • Click OK.

The Connected Agent service should now be able to communicate through your firewall and function correctly. The rest of your firewall operation including other blocked programs or services should remain unchanged.

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