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BACKUP DIRECTConfiguring Norton with for use with Connected 8


This tutorial will show you how to configure your Norton Security software so that Backup Direct's Connected PC backup software can function properly.

Firewalls or other security software can sometimes block our backup software from accessing the internet. This is because they falsely mark the backup technology as being harmful or unknown. It is therefore necessary to follow these instructions and allow our software to access the internet. Without taking these measures the Backup Direct software will not function.

  • Double click on the Norton Internet Security icon to run the software.
  • Click on Settings under the Network section.
  • Click on Program Control.

Notice the two references to Backup Direct Connected PC backup in the list. Norton automatically creates entries for them when the Connected service is run. You may not notice any problems with the default setting of Auto, however should you have any difficulties sending or receiving information through the agent then proceed with the next steps.

  • Click on the drop down list next to the AgentService.exe entry.
  • Click Allow.
  • Click on the drop down list next to the Agent.exe entry.
  • Click Allow.
  • Click Apply.

You have now given the Connected components full access to the internet. This will allow them to communicate properly with our data centres.

  • Click OK.
  • Click OK to close this window.

The Connected Agent service can now communicate through your firewall and function correctly. The rest of your firewall operation including other blocked programs or services should remain unchanged.

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