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BACKUP DIRECTHow do I install the agent and log in to my account?


This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing your Backup Direct Professional (Connected) software onto your computer:

  • After you completed the registration process you should have been instructed to download your customised agent to the desktop of your computer (which will look something like what is displayed behind this caption)
  • If this is not the case and you cannot locate your installer please contact our Support Team on 0800 0789 438
  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you only attempt to access your account from one computer and do not create multiple installs which attempt to run simultaneously
  • To get started with the installer double click on the AgentSetup installer which you downloaded
  • Click Run to proceed past any security warnings related to the Agent Setup
  • Click Next to proceed with the install, noting your Account Number which is displayed.
  • You will then see a page with agreement details. You should read and scroll through the agreement in this window to be sure you understand the terms
  • Once you have read the text click Accept terms in license agreement
  • Then click next to proceed
  • Check that you are happy with the installation location (default is normally fine) and then click next
  • You may see a box warning that the installer is attempting to make changes to your computer
  • You should always check that the source of the warning is the program that you are running or expecting to see.
  • In this case you should see that the warning has come from AgentSetup.msi which is what we clicked, it is therefore safe to proceed.
  • Click Allow to permit the installer to access your computer
  • Let the installer proceed, progress will be shown by the grey bar
  • Upon successful completion click Finish to exit the installer
  • When you first run the agent you will see a window appear prompting you to enter your password.
  • You need to enter the password which you created for your account during registration. You must keep this password safe as it will be used to authenticate access to your account in the future.
  • Click OK
  • The agent then connects to the data centre to verify your password and installation
  • If this windows displays for an extended period of time (2 minutes or more) then you may have a connection problem, please contact support if you need further assistance.
  • Upon succesful authentication the agent interface will appear with a welcome message
  • Click OK to close the message
  • The agent will then begin scanning your machine for files so that it can display them and allow you to select them for backup
  • Click the + icon in the left hand window to expand the folder structure of the C: drive (default hard drive)
  • You will need to allow the agent to fully scan the folder structure before you can begin selecting files for backup.
  • The Scanning... text below indicates the agent is still working
  • You should see the display change when the agent has finished scanning.
  • Progressing into selecting files for backup is covered in another tutorial, however we will now validate that your agent is linked to your online account
  • Click to open the Tools menu from the top toolbar
  • Then click Manage Account Online to be directed to a webpage
  • You will then see a webpage where you will need to enter your Email Address and Password
  • Use the credentials that you entered when registering and starting the agent
  • Once you have entered your details click Log On
  • If you have multiple backup accounts associated with your login credentials you will see a selection screen. If not then you will skip the next step.
  • Information on all of the accounts is shown, and you can manage them individually by clicking on Select Account to the right of the Address
  • Once you have selected you account the welcome page provides you with the secure ability to view and change information related to your account.
  • We will cover some of the specific options and capabilities in later tutorials.
  • Please remember store your login credentials in safe place to allow you access to this portal in the future.
  • Use the Log Off button at the top right in order to securely exit your account

We have now covered installing and successfully validating your agent install.

Please consult later tutorials in order to learn more on how to Backup and Restore files etc.

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