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BACKUP DIRECTHow do I modify my account information using the agent?


This tutorial will cover the account management capabilities present in version 8 of the Backup Direct Professional Agent

  • To begin double click on the desktop shortcut to open the agent
  • Once the program has loaded you will then see a welcome screen
  • Click Tools
  • The Tools menu can be used to access a range of functions such as editing backup schedules, managing your account online or options relating to how the agent performs
  • In this tutorial we are just concerned with the Edit Profile option
  • Click Edit Profile in the drop down
  • The agent will then communicate with the Data Centre in order to verify your account and retrieve your details
  • Once the agent has synchronized you will see the welcome screen of the agent
  • As you can see there are a selection of tabs along the top of the window which represent the different topics of account information which can be edited.
  • The User tab shows your basic name and contact details which can be edited and processed by clicking OK at the bottom of the window
  • Click Password to change view to that tab
  • The Password tab gives you the capability to change your account password (provided you know your old password) (we will return to this later in the tutorial- see step 18)
  • Click Address to change tab. This tab allows you to access and change the full details of the address associated with your account
  • Click Other to change tab. Your company and Referral can be edited here
  • We will now return to the Password tab to demonstrate changing your account password
  • Click the Password tab
  • We will now demonstrate a change of account password
  • IMPORTANT: Your password will be required to login to your online account, or to reinstall the agent at a later date. You must therefore keep it safe and available for the duration of your use of the service
  • First click this box to indicate you want to begin changing your password
  • Click to enter your Current password for verification
  • For your new password we recommend using at least 8 characters and one number for security
  • Click to enter the new password of your choice
  • You will then need to click and retype your password for verification
  • Click OK to process the change
  • The agent will then communicate with the data centre where your account details are stored in order to update your password and any other details that you may have changed.
  • Once the synchronization has completed and been successful that window will disappear allowing you to continue using the agent.
  • If you encounter any difficulties with this process or cannot remember your old password please contact support on 0800 0789 438.

This concludes the tutorial on using the inbuilt account management features in the Backup Direct Professional agent.

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