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BACKUP DIRECTHow do I reinstall the agent or reset my password?


This tutorial will cover the range of the account management options available through the web portal (MyRoam) of the Backup Direct Professional service.

  • First open an internet browser window (using a quick launch button such as this or a link from your start menu depending on your setup)
  • Backup Direct has a designated web address for our customers to be able to log in and manage their account online.
  • Click in the Address Bar to begin entering the address
  • The web portal is hosted at www.backupdirect.net/myroam you will need to type the exact address (case sensitive) into your Internet Browser
  • Start navigation to the site by pressing the return key on your keyboard or equivalent
  • Once the page loads you will be required to enter the Email address and Password which are associated with your account.
  • Enter your details and click Log on to send the details for verfication
  • The left-hand menu shows all the account options available in the portal.
  • View History and Retrieve Files with MyRoam are both directly related to file restore from the portal. Please consult the relevant alternative tutorial for more information on this.
  • This tutorial will examine the remaining three options:
  1. Order CDs or DVDs
  2. Reinstall the agent
  3. Editing Profile
  • First we will look at the Order CD's or DVD's option which is used to order a copy of your files on physical media (DVD's).
  • Using the left-hand menu to navigate, click on the Order CD's or DVD's
  • IMPORTANT: The Order CD and DVD option should not be used unless under the explicit direction of the Backup Direct support team. This is because you will be charged for the disks and they may not contain the correct data unless you consult us beforehand.
  • However in certain circumstances this tool can be useful as it allows large volumes of data to be recovered without relying on the limit of an internet connection.
  • Now click on the Reinstall Agent option
  • The page contains a series of details regarding the Reinstall Agent option and explains when it should be used.
  • Read these options before continuing
  • Click Download Software if you want to proceed
  • There are a series of instructions on this page which should be read and followed.
  • Click Begin Download
  • Click Save on the window which pops up
  • As stated in the instructions you should download the agent to your desktop for ease of location
  • With your computers desktop selected as the location click Save
  • Click Close to exit this window
  • We will now verify that the download of the agent installer has been succesful
  • Minimise the Internet Browser and view the desktop
  • The AgentSetup installer should be visible on the desktop showing that the download from the web portal has been successful.
  • If you want to reinstall a previous account this installer can be used in the manner described in the separate installation tutorial.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are downloading and re-installing the Agent onto a different operating system than that of the original install you need to check with our Support Team that you have the correct installer for your particular circumstance.
  • Now return to the Web portal in your internet browser
  • Now click Edit Profile
  • This page allows you to edit the details relating to your account which you entered when it was initially created.
  • You change the name attached to the account, the email address, etc. These new details will then be attached to your protected data
  • You can also change your password from this menu, providing you can remember the old password. If not then you will need to contact our Support Team on 0800 0789 438.
  • To begin changing your password click Change Password
  • Click and enter your old password
  • Click and enter your New Password
  • Click and re-enter and confirm your new password
  • Click Save to process the change
  • Upon a succesful change of password you will see a confirmation screen
  • Click here to return to the Edit Profile page
  • If you do make any other changes then you will need to click Save at the bottom of the window to process them
  • If you have any questions or problems when using this portal or your backup agent then you can contact our Support team directly
  • Click on Contact Support in the left hand menu
  • Methods of contacting us are listed here and can be accessed at any time.
  • Once you have finished using the Web Portal you should Log Off to protect the security of your account
  • Click the Log Off button in the top right corner to securely Log Off

This concludes the tutorial on the Account Management tools available in the Backup Direct Professional Web Portal.

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