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BACKUP DIRECTHow do I restore files using the agent?


This tutorial will cover retrieving files that have been previously backed using the Backup Direct Professional Service. We will be looking at restoring files using the agent installed on your machine. If you are looking for web-based restoration then please see the alternative relative tutorial.

  • First open the agent (using the desktop shortcut or the smaller icon in the bottom right hand corner)
  • You will then see a default Summary screen.
  • Click the Retrieve tab on the left hand side
  • For security purposes and protecting access to your backed up data you will be required to enter your account password which you created during your initial registration
  • Once you have entered your password click OK
  • Upon successful password entry you will see a screen which shows the folder structure of your backed up data
  • The layout is similar to that in the Backup Set tab however in this case it shows data stored at the data centre under your account, as opposed to data stored on your local machine
  • Click the + icons to expand the folder structure if required
  • The files and folders will be displayed in a manner which mirrors the structure of the files when they were backed up.
  • Selections of files or folders which you want to restore are made using the checkboxes to the left of the folder name
  • Click on the checkbox to select
  • You will notice that selecting or checkboxing a file in the left hand folder structure brings up its contents in the right hand column.
  • The right hand column listing the files can be used to check or uncheck individual files and folders to customise the data which you are restoring
  • Once the restore selection is complete click the Retrieve button to continue
  • The window that pops up will show how many files will be restored and the total size of the restore.
  • This information should give you an idea of how long the restore download process will take. The speed will be determined by the capabilities of your internet connection. A typical ADSL download speed is around 500 Kilobytes per second.
  • Firstly you must decide how to save the files. You can save them in a copy of the original folder structure, use this if you need a copy of the backed up files or need to put them in a specific location.
  • Alternatively you can save the files directly to their original location which will download the files directly to their old location before editing or deletion. This option should be used in the scenario of accidental file deletion or loss.
  • If you are using the Save all files in folder: option then the browse option is used to select a location for download.
  • Click the Browse button
  • For ease of location we will download the files to the desktop
  • Click Desktop
  • Click Save to select that location
  • The Maintain original folder structure tool is used to download the files in the same structure as when they were backed up (Optional). Check the box next to this option if required.
  • Click Retrieve to start the download
  • The Retrieval process will go through various stages as the files are processed and downloaded
  • Once the retrieval is complete you will see a notification. You will also be reminded of the Retrieve Location and given the option to Open Folder directly
  • Click Open Folder to view the restored files
  • Click through the maintained folder structure to get to the restored files if required.
  • You should find that the files have been restored to your computer and now useable in the form that they were backed up in.
  • The same steps can be repeated for any files present in the backed up data on your account, therefore allowing you to quickly and easily rebuild your backed up data.

This concludes the tutorial on restoring files using the Backup Direct Professional backup agent installed on your computer.

Please see the supporting tutorial for restoring from the web portal if required.

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