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BACKUP DIRECTHow do I restore my files from the web portal?


This tutorial will cover restoring files from your Backup Selection through the functionality of the of the Backup Direct Professional web portal.

  • First open an internet browser window (using a quick launch button from your taskbar or a link from your start menu depending on your setup)
  • Backup Direct has a designated web address for our customers to be able to log in and manage their account online.
  • Click in the Address Bar to begin entering the address www.backupdirect.net/myroam .(you will need to type the exact address into your Internet Browser as it is case sensitive)
  • Once you have navigated to the site you will then be required to enter the Email address and Password which are associated with your account.
  • Click and enter your Email Address
  • Click and enter your password
  • Click Log on to send the details for verfication
  • This welcome screen has a series of shortcuts which allow navigation to the different available options.
  • There is also a navigation menu to the left which has the same links and can be used in the same way.
  • Click on the Retrieve Files with MyRoam option
  • The page you browser shows the available files and folders which can be restored using the web browser and MyRoam facility.
  • If you have a number of historical backups then you can select date you would like to restore files from (normally the previous 10 dates are recorded and will be available)
  • Click here to open the version drop down menu
  • Click As of Backup Date
  • A list of available backup dates will then be displayed.
  • Selecting one of these dates will change the display of the files and folders so that they appear in the same structure as when they were backed up on that date
  • Most commonly you will probably use the most recent backup point selected, however any available point can be used in the same way
  • When the chosen date is selected click OK to return to the file browser
  • Click the name of any folder to view its folders in the central pane
  • The easiest way to select or deselect a file from the restore set is to use the tick boxes next to its name
  • Try selecting a folder of your choice by clicking the tick box
  • If the folder you selected had any subfolders or files you should see that they appear in the central pane as also being selected. This is because their parent folder has been included
  • Individual folders can be deselected without affecting the others using the individual tick boxes
  • Click Retrieve once you have selected the desired files
  • There are two download options for the data you retrieve. We recommend that you do not use the windows executable (.exe) due to its complexity.
  • The zipped folder (.zip) provides your data as you will require it, in a normal folder structure similar to when it was backed up.
  • Click on the file type drop down menu
  • Click ZIP File
  • Click Continue
  • The Web Portal then provides instruction on what to do next. Please read the relevant paragraph and click below to continue
  • Click Download
  • Click Save
  • As per the instructions on the web page you should direct your download to your Desktop for ease of location
  • Click Desktop to select that as the location
  • Click Save to begin the download
  • Upon completion of the download in internet explorer (other browsers may differ) The Open or Open Folder commands can be used to directly open the downloaded file. Alternatively we can close the window to investigate the download location directly.
  • Click Close
  • Click Minimise to return to the Desktop
  • Double click to open the downloaded (compressed) file
  • You will notice that the folder structure in the download mimics the structure of the files when they were originally backed up
  • You can then view or move the contents of the downloaded file to rebuild your desired files. Use the cut and paste commands where required to move files from the desktop to your desired location.
  • In order to verify that the download and restore has been successful it is wise to open one or more of the files.
  • If the files open and are displayed correctly then you can verify that the restore has been successful
  • We will now return to the web portal
  • Click on the taskbar to reopen the internet browser
  • You should now be viewing the restore browser where process can be repeated to restore other files from the latest backup or historical backups
  • If you wish to continue your session click the Back to Summary option in the top left corner to return to the main page
  • Otherwise once you have finished your session click Log Off in the top right corner to end your session securely

This concludes the tutorial on restoring files using the Backup Direct Professional web portal.

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