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BACKUP DIRECTHow do I select files and schedule backups?


This tutorial will show you how to select files and folders from your computer to backup using your backup agent.  It will also cover scheduling automatic backups at a time which is most convenient for you and your IT setup

  • To start creating your backup selection you will need to click the Backup Direct Professional PC icon on your desktop which should have been created during the installation.
  • If you have deleted the icon since you installed the program you will need to find it on the start menu and click it
  • Click the icon to start
  • You will then see this screen which is the startup page of the backup agent (program which controls backing up and restoring data)
  • Click on the Backup set on the left to create and amend your backup set
  • At this point the agent will begin scanning your folder structure
  • This is done so that the agent can display the most up-to-date version of your files and folders
  • It may take some time if you have a large amount of data stored on your computer, however you need to allow the scanning to complete before you continue
  • When the scanning is complete the ? icon next to the yellow folder will disappear, as will the word Scanning... from the bottom left
  • Click the + icon in order to expand the folder structure of the C: drive (default hard drive on most computers)
  • You will see a long list of folders at this level, and the levels below it, however you need not be concerned with the majority of them as they will not contain files you have created or need to backup
  • To continue expanding the folder structure click the + icon next to the users folder
  • In newer operating systems it is most likely that your personal files and folders will be in the Users folder filed under your individual User name
  • Click the + icon to expand the folder titled with the name of the account you normally use to log on to the computer
  • You should now see all of the personal folders of your selected user listed down the left window
  • As an example click the Documents folder or equivalent to bring up the contents in the central window and examine it more closely
  • This central window should now display everything in the BUDusers Documents folder
  • Folders and files are selected using the checkboxes next to the folder name
  • Click the checkbox next to your desired folder(s) in the left hand window in order to select it for backup
  • The whole of your chosen folder will now be selected for backup, but you can pick out and deselect a single folder if required.
  • You might do this if one subfolder out of many has a large amount of music or other data that you do not want to backup due to connection speed or data limit
  • To deselect a subfolder but leave the other subfolders selected click the checkbox next to the yellow folder icon in the left hand window
  • This removes the tick meaning it will not be backed up
  • Click the checkbox to remove the folder from the backup set
  • You will notice that the files contained in the Sample Music folder are displayed in the Central window, and that they are all unchecked because the parent containing folder is unchecked
  • Once you have finished selecting files and folders we say that your ‘backup set’ is now complete so you can continue onto processing the backup.
  • Inbetween backups you can return to this page to customise your backup set and add or remove files using the same process
  • Click Back Up Now to begin sending the backup
  • The backup will then begin processing.
  • You will see a popup window which will display various messages as it creates a secure connection to the data centre and examines the files which have been selected for backup
  • Whilst the files in the backup set are sent to the data centre you will see a progress bar
  • Once the backup has completed successfully you will see a confirmation message pop up
  • It provides confirmation of the number of files and total size which you should check against the expected figures from what you selected for backup
  • Once you have read the confirmation click OK
  • You have now completed a backup.
  • A copy of the selected files is now securely stored at the data centre and can be restored if required (see later tutorial)
  • We will now look at how you can make the process of backing up easier and more reliable via automation.
  • The agent has a built-in scheduling device which allows you to set times for regular backups which will complete automatically
  • On the Summary tab (select from the left hand side) click on the blue Backup Schedule link on the right hand side.
  • This menu displays the available options for scheduling backups.
  • As a default there are automatic settings which will be applied. You can choose to change the days and times at which they are processed as well as deselecting automatic backups completely if required.
  • We are going to reduce the frequency of backups to a few select times, you can choose any that you wish, although make sure they are at useful times which protect your files but do not place undue load on your machine or internet connection at peak times
  • Use the checkboxes next to the various days in order to toggle them from the backup schedule. Select the most appropriate days for your IT setup and backup needs. We would recommend you schedule several backups every week.
  • You now need to choose the times in which we want to backup. To minimise disruption to your computers normal operation and internet connection the backup is randomised between two times
  • To change the time perameters in which the backup can run click the Earliest time drop down button
  • It might be useful for you to move the earliest time further into the evening so that it does not interfere with evening use of the computer
  • For example click 22:00 to set the time
  • You can also set the Latest time to ensure the backup process is complete before you need to use the machine again in the morning
  • Click the drop down arrow
  • Click to move the menu up
  • Click to select 05:00
  • Remember that your machine must be turned on and connected to the internet during the times you specify in order to be able to complete the backup. Choose the most appropriate times for you and test and adjust them until you are happy.
  • Click OK to exit the menu now that scheduling configuration is complete.
  • Notice that the changes you have made to the schedule are reflected in the right hand column of the Summary tab where the next backup is detailed.

We have now covered how to select files and create your backup set, and completing and automating the backup to give you reliable protection of your important files.

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