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Press ReleasesJRW Group swing for Backup Direct backup solution

Golfing insurance specialist moves to online backup to protect vital corporate and customer data

September 10, 2007 - Golf insurance specialist, JRW Group, has implemented an online automated backup and recovery solution from Backup Direct.

The deal will implement Iron Mountain Digital's LiveVault Server Backup and Recovery solution, replacing the tape backup system previously in place.

LiveVault enables JRW to back up its customer databases and corporate information securely and automatically, removing the need for human intervention. Information is stored offsite and can be accessed through a secure Web interface. As data is backed up continuously, information can be restored reliably in the case of a data loss situation.

Since its inception, JRW has used a tape backup strategy, with daily incremental updates. Records were held on site for a month, with older tapes being taken to an offsite location. With plans to expand, the management team concluded tape backup was no longer capable of meeting the archiving needs of the firm or the growing requirements from the FSA. JRW selected Backup Direct because of its flexibility and price. The firm was also previously aware of Iron Mountain Digital and its comprehensive backup solutions.

"Our old system was proving time consuming and costly as the company expanded. It was clear that given the sensitivity of data we hold on behalf of our customers, we had to find a secure, reliable solution to protect this information," said Ed Nice, IT director, JRW Group. "The fact that backups happen automatically removes any potential human errors."

"The LiveVault solution protects JRW's data from the moment it leaves the servers and ensures information can be restored in an instant," said Brett Raynes, managing director, Backup Direct. "The risks involved with a tape backup strategy are eliminated and the IT team have more time to invest in forward planning for company growth."

"Backup Direct has been able to provide JRW with an effective, simple solution for its backup needs," said Nick Cater, head of northern Europe, Iron Mountain Digital. "LiveVault will scale alongside the business as it grows, ensuring all corporate data is protected at all times."

About Backup Direct
Backup Direct is a leading supplier of online data backup services for UK business. Backup Direct delivers: automated data backup, secure off-site storage, archiving and guaranteed fast data recovery. Clients receive reliable and secure data protection to maximise business continuity in case of disaster. Backup Direct's combination of business focus, leading technology, operational systems, SLAs and committed support combine to ensure simple, secure and affordable data protection. Founded in 2002, Backup Direct has more than 2000 UK business clients protecting over 30 terabytes of customer data. It is a leading Tier One provider of Iron Mountain Digital Services in the UK. Visit the company's website at www.backupdirect.net or call 0800 0 789 437.

About Iron Mountain Digital
Iron Mountain Digital is the world's leading provider of data backup/recovery and archiving software and services. The technology arm of Iron Mountain Incorporated offers a comprehensive suite of data protection and e-records management software and services to thousands of companies around the world, directly and through a world-wide network of channel partners. Iron Mountain Digital is based in Southborough, Mass. with European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. For more information, visit www.ironmountaindigital.co.uk

About Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE:IRM) helps organisations around the world reduce the costs and risks associated with information protection and storage. The company offers comprehensive records management and data protection solutions, along with the expertise and experience to address complex information challenges such as rising storage costs, litigation, regulatory compliance and disaster recovery. Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain is a trusted partner to more than 100,000 corporate clients throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.ironmountain.com.

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Sales & Enquiries 0800 0 789 437

Technical Support 0800 0 789 438

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how happy I am with your service. Calls get answered immediately, you have a free phone number...I can really see the difference in terms of technology, remote access, quality and timeliness of support and overall professionalism.“

Sasha Frieze, Marketing Consultancy

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